12 May 2016

Opposition: what does it mean?

With the UUP announcing that they are set to form a formal opposition in the Northern Ireland Assembly, we take a look at what the practicalities are for them as set out in the Assembly and Executive Reform (Assembly Opposition) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016.

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10 May 2016

Quintin Oliver writes for the Daily Mirror on what's next for the new Assembly?

After two decades of grindingly slow peace process, since we voted so overwhelmingly for the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, we now have stability, almost to the point of normality. Unlike the volatile political change sweeping the rest of these islands, we have returned the same parties, in roughly the same numbers, on the same 55% turnout. That’s good.

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09 May 2016

Overview of NI Assembly Election 2016

After a long campaign and two days of counting, superficially, at least, the Assembly chamber will not look much different than before in terms of party representation. While voter turnout held up (55%), support for the five main parties saw a reduction in percentage terms, with three seats leaving the Nationalist benches.

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