Board membership - what are the benefits?

19 May 2016 - by Gráinne Walsh

Stratagem's Head of Consultancy Gráinne Walsh speaks to the IOD about her experience volunteering as Board Member for Arts & Business Northern Ireland.


What were the main reasons why you decided to join a local arts/cultural board?


Gráinne Walsh: Having worked with the team at Arts & Business NI for many years, I understand first-hand the real benefits that small businesses such as Stratagem can get from partnerships with Arts organisations. I felt that the best way I could make a contribution to the arts was through working alongside the team Arts & Business NI to advocate for a publically funded arts and cultural sector that is accessible, values excellence and supported through partnership with business.


What were the main reasons for selecting to join the board of Arts & Business NI in particular?

Gráinne Walsh: I have been the member of a number of boards throughout my career but only joined an arts board in the last six months. Up until then, probably like many others, I never felt it was for me as I have never participated in the arts beyond audience membership. However, having worked with key groups in the sector last year I was inspired to do more and joined Arts & Business NI.


What do you feel are the main benefits of sitting on an arts/cultural board?

Gráinne Walsh: I am in learning mode - It’s always fascinating to meet new people, see how different organisations operate and learn new skills.


This article was published in IOD News Northern Ireland on 17.05.16