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11 May 2023

#LE23: Where next for community planning?

Another year, another election, and this time it is the turn of perhaps the most enduring level of government, as we head to the polls on the 18th May to elect new representatives across Northern Ireland’s 11 councils.

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27 April 2023

Statement from the Secretary of State on NI Finances 2023/24

The Northern Ireland Secretary of State has set out his long-awaited budget for 2023 - 2024. The main headline from this budget is the extension of the repayment period for NI's overspend. This comes after unprecedented correspondence and activity from senior civil servants and their union. Whils its unclear how this will be managed in practice, there's clearly a tightening of the screws from the UK Government. Below is detailed the breakdown of departmental allocations.

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26 April 2023

What next for #GFA25?

As the dust settles from the departed motorcades ferrying various former and current Heads of State and VVIPs after the QUB conference last week, this week in politics tells a very different story.

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06 April 2023

Reflections at 25

As we head towards Easter 2023, many people are in a reflective mood. Beyond the numerous discussions about the negotiations and subsequent referendum campaign, there is a conversation to be had about where we find ourselves and how we position ourselves for the next 25 years.

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