Established in 2022, Future Politics is a partnership between Stratagem and the John and Pat Hume Foundation, combining political and public policy expertise with a long-term commitment to effective structures of government. This is without prejudice to future constitutional arrangements on these Islands.

Future Politics supports more effective and sustainable government through constructive conversations about our political and policymaking structures. It is focused on delivering practical options that enables the delivery of better outcomes for people, communities and businesses.

Our inaugural conference brought together over 100 key voices and experts to discuss challenges in our political institutions, politics, media, east west relationships all within the broader context of Northern Ireland’s place in the world.

In 2022 we were pleased to work with the following organisations in the development and delivery of the conference:

  • Queen’s University Belfast

  • Boston College

  • Irish Institute, University of Liverpool

  • Ulster University

  • Open University

  • Community Foundation


  • IBEC Global

The post-conference report is available here.