28 April 2022

The countdown is on: One week to go until the Assembly Election 2022

With one week to go until the polls open, the candidates will be in a mad dash to complete their canvassing; the parties have their manifestos published; and the leaders will be preparing for the two set piece debates. More importantly for the parties, people will be making their minds up on who to vote for, what preference to give them, or whether they will be voting at all.

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05 April 2022

Overhauling the Stormont system would provide a better route to delivery

It is often easy to blame politicians for the failings in our politics: we had three years of no government, and just two years after resolving this, a leaderless Executive following the resignation of the First Minister. Whilst politicians were responsible for taking these decisions, over 20 years later it is increasingly clear that the institutions created by the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement are struggling to accommodate a changing society and the expectations that people have of their elected representatives.

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