10 June 2024 - by Grace Boyle

This year’s UK Political Party conferences provide a unique opportunity to place your organisation at the heart of significant political change and build relationships with those that will shape policy in your sector at Westminster.


With the General Election called for the 4 July, Party Conference season provides the opportunity to engage quickly with the key decision makers after the election and get ahead of the game with the new MPs, Ministers and their shadows.

While many of the day-to-day local decisions are taken at Stormont, from trade and climate to the Fiscal Framework and Shared Prosperity Funding, many policies that impact Northern Ireland are decided at Westminster and Whitehall.

As part of the Connect group, Stratagem offers a full range of conference services from fringe events to engagement programmes to help you get the most out of this year’s UK conferences.

If Labour win, it will be their first Conference in Government since 2009 and Connect have an exclusive event space in the conference centre in Liverpool. From here you will have the ideal venue to host your fringe event, meet your key political targets and allow you to engage with those who can impact your work.

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