Engaging after lockdown: What do MLAs think about your organisation?

08 September 2020 - by Claire Flynn

As we continue to manage the implications of a global health pandemic and with focus increasingly moving towards our rebuild and recovery efforts, do you know what MLAs think of your organisation? Do you want to learn more about how you can better engage on issues that are important to you?

Our MLA Research Panel can help you influence the influencers, benchmark your campaign, raise awareness of a policy issue, and help you understand the priorities of our elected representatives.

The research is conducted bi-annually each spring and autumn in partnership with Savanta:ComRes, a specialist London-based polling and research organisation.

We guarantee responses from a minimum of 33 MLAs across all parties, community designation and constituencies. You will receive a report interpreting responses including executive summary and associated data tables. 

The deadline to book questions on our autumn panel is 7 October 2020.

For more information on costs and how the panel works, or to reserve question space, please get in touch with our Head of Consultancy, Claire Flynn (mlaresearchpanel@stratagem-ni.com)