Virtual public affairs

22 April 2020 - by Anna Mercer

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, life has changed utterly and individuals, businesses and governments have had to radically change how they function in response to the global pandemic.

Five weeks into life in lockdown, and an unprecedented number of decisions have been taken to ensure as many lives as possible are saved, the most vulnerable are protected and that the economy is supported as much as possible. 

The return of a virtual Parliament in Westminster this week is mirrored on this side of the Irish Sea with the continuation of statutory committees and plenary sessions in the Assembly, as well as regular meetings of the Ad Hoc COVID-19 response committee, albeit with social distancing measures in place and technological solutions replacing some traditional functions. 

While chambers might not be as packed as usual, elected representatives are shaping and scrutinising important decisions.  

Key to informing the process is having the knowledge, information, and strategic know-how, alongside the capacity to act quickly, in what is an ever changing landscape.

Stratagem can support organisations with virtual public affairs in these challenging times through our range of services which include: 

  • Strategic advice
  • Training
  • Online campaigning 
  • Inquiry preparation 
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Political engagement strategy
  • Crisis communications
  • Media relations

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