#GE19: What might happen next?

12 December 2019 - by Gráinne Walsh

Now that the first December General Election since 1923 has been completed, we look ahead to what could happen over the coming days.

  • 13th December – Election results will be announced throughout the country
  • 14th / 15th December – If a party emerges with a clear majority, the leader will enter Downing Street to begin to appoint their Cabinet.  If there is a ‘hung Parliament’ or need for another Confidence and Supply Agreement, party negotiations will begin
  • 17th December – Parliament will meet for the ‘swearing in’ of MPs and the election of a Speaker
  • 18th December – ‘Swearing in’ continue
  • 19th December – State Opening of Parliament, and Queen’s Speech to set out the legislative agenda

Depending on the outcome of the election, there are a number of possibilities for the timetable.

If Conservative’s win majority;

  • 20th December – Brexit ‘deal’ approval bill introduced with rapid timetable (Government may try to push it through Parliament in one day)
  • Date tbc in early January – European Parliament votes on whether to approve UK/EU deal
  • 31st January (or before) – UK exits the EU
  • 1st February – transition period begins and UK seeks to negotiate an FTA

 If Labour (or Labour led, in coalition) Government;

  • 19th December – could be State Opening, but if a ‘coalition’ government of some sort, they may not be ready.  
  • 20th December –  would be likely to go into recess
  • Week commencing 6th January – introduce legislation for a 2nd Referendum on EU membership

Locally we will know the outcomes of the results in the early hours of 13th December, but with the polls showing the Conservative lead narrowing, and the real possibility of a ‘hung Parliament’, it will be interesting to watch how it all plays out.  Could we see another 2017 result, with everything to play for after the seats have been won?