Colombia peace agreement signed ahead of referendum

26 September 2016 - by Quintin Oliver

Stratagem's very own global referendum expert comments ahead of today’s historic signing ceremony in Cartagena, Colombia.

Quintin Oliver, world referendum and peace agreement expert, who helped design the Colombian YES Campaign, commenting on Colombia’s historic peace agreement with FARC, said:

“The signing ceremony represents the last but one step on a long journey of negotiations which have confounded external expectations and could lead to the end of 50 years of conflict. With leaders from across the world signalling their support for the agreement, the true test of support will be seen at the October 2nd referendum, when the people of Colombia will have their chance to endorse or reject the agreement.”  

“As we saw with the 1998 Northern Ireland Good Friday / Belfast Agreement referendum, the voters' endorsement is critical to ensure the sustainability of any peace. Providing a solid political mandate for implementation, accountability to the electorate / civil society, and often, catharsis and a line in the sand for a nation traumatised by decades of violence - the referendum is a chance for the Colombian people to make their voices heard and signal their faith in a landmark agreement which will profoundly influence the future of their country.“