PfG Delivery Plans published - what next?

07 November 2016 - by Claire Flynn

As we dissect the Programme for Government’s Delivery Plans released last week, some will be pleased that their policy issues were deemed a priority for the Executive over the next five years while others will be disappointed that they didn't quite make the cut.

Whatever the outcome, Stratagem can keep you informed as we move into the next stage of the process.  There will be a series of events over the coming months that will allow organisations to influence government policy, alongside the second consultation on Delivery Plans, the economic, social and investment strategies and the Budget.  The Assembly will also be given the opportunity to debate the PfG before Christmas which will allow the Opposition and the smaller parties to have their say.

Stratagem can help:

Keep you informed – With contributions from all the Stratagem team we bring you our Stratagem blog series; keeping you informed of the latest political and policy issues impacting your work.  From the implications of Brexit to our Programme for Government, to how the Opposition works - sign up today for our mailing list.

Measure Your Outcomes – Whether you need to track your reputation, measure support for your proposals or test the effectiveness of campaign messages, it is vital to understand the views of policy makers. Using the MLA Research Panel can help you deploy evidence for campaigns, or to understand and influence policy. The Stratagem/Comres MLA Research Panel omnibus survey will help you to get the results you need. The upcoming autumn/winter panel is nearly fully booked but if you miss your place this time, we are now taking bookings for the spring 2017 MLA Research Panel.  

Campaign on your issues – want to encourage grassroots interaction to help reach your organisational objectives? Don’t miss the opportunity to react to events or mobilise supporters and engage with elected representatives on the issues important to you.  You understand why engaging with policy-makers is important to your organisation and the iCampaigner can help you do that.  

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