Election work done? Think again

11 April 2016 - by Tristen Kelso

So, you’ve produced your manifesto, have met with the parties on your asks, and are waiting to see how these have resonated as the party manifestos are published…but what next?

At Stratagem, we see the next few months, the post-election phase, as being crucial to realising your objectives.

Following the election of a new cohort of MLAs, we will see the creation of a new Executive, the compilation of the new Programme for Government combined with a major shakeup of government departments. With so many questions - will we see an official opposition? Who will be First Minister? Which one of the larger parties will take Finance and Personnel? It’s interesting times indeed.

We know the importance of being strategic, and being a step ahead of these major milestones in our devolved system. That’s why Stratagem is offering a range of post-election packages and products to help your organisation maximise engagement within the newly reformed structures.   

From essential information on new MLAs and a guide to the new government departments, to manifesto analysis and external engagement planning, Stratagem has a post-election public affairs package to suit your organisation’s needs.